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Bump Up Ads

      Bump up your ad to pole position


Bump Ups help you stand out by raising your ad in the search results.

This nifty feature gives fresh views and keeps you one step ahead of the other sellers.

    Why Choose Bump Up?

Got leads that didn’t turn into sales? Bump Ups give you the extra push you need to

find the right buyer for you.

Ads are reposted automatically so you don’t have to recreate your ad from scratch – that way you save time and don’t have to worry about a thing!

Ads tend to receive 37% of their views in the first three days.3Bump Up recreates this pattern for additional views by sending your ad to the top of the listings page.

    Benefits & Tips

Bump up multiple ads instead of having to repost one at a time.

The best time to bump up is midway between when you post your ad and the date it expires.

If you delete and repost your ad, you’ll lose your counter view and everyone watching your ad will lose your listing. The Bump Up feature lets you keep your counter view and seller credibility intact.


Bump Ups push your ad back up to the top of the regular listings, appearing on the first page in its category and in any relevant searches.